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Turn any truncated RSS feed (which only provides a small intro), into a full-text RSS feed (with full articles). If needed, turn any web page into a RSS feed.

Some examples of feeds you can use:

Some examples of websites you can use:


What does this website do?

The goal of this website is to improve RSS feeds. A lot of newspapers only provide a small intro of their articles in their RSS feeds. As this is not really convenient, turns those shortened RSS feeds into feeds with full articles. To visualize the result, have a look at the before-after illustration.

Also some newspapers don't provide RSS feeds at all. makes it possible to quickly create a RSS feed for such websites with an easy to use interface. You can look at this video to see how the feed creation tool works.

Although can build custom RSS feeds for websites, it is recommended, where possible, to use the RSS feeds provided by the websites. Usually Googling "website RSS feed" is enough to find the feed.

What are RSS feeds anyway?

RSS feeds provide a powerful and convenient tool to receive newsletters from your favorite websites and newspapers without flooding your mailbox and without relying on Facebook/Twitter/Google. The library of NYU lists some popular feeds.

News from RSS feeds can be read with newsreaders, which are available for virtually all platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iOS). They can provide handy features, such as an offline mode, synchronisation across devices, etc. Lifehacker has made a review of some popular newsreaders. My personal favorite is Tiny Tiny RSS (self-hosted), but do as you feel!

I can't get anyting to work

This website does not support Internet Explorer at all. Edge and Safari are mostly supported but some features might not work. Please use Firefox or Chrome for optimal results.

If you enconter a major issue, you can check status updates. If needed, please open an issue.

When creating a feed, I can't select the links I want

If an element is blocking you from selecting the links you want (e.g. a pop-up), right click on the blocking element to delete it.

Some websites generate their content dynamically in your browser, using javascript (e.g. Google Maps). The server of however does not have javascript enabled (as it would require a lot of resources) and therefore can't detect the links on those websites. If possible, try to find another non-dynamic ("static") page on the same website with the same content. There is no other real work around for this.

Sometimes the selection tool can't select the right group of links (i.e. too many links selected, or not enough). To work around it, the only option is to use custom XPath rules. For this you'll need some knownledge of XPath. This can be tedious, but will give you great flexibility to select the links you want.

What if the tool doesn't work with a website?

For some popular websites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), the server of morss tends to get quickly blocked/banned. Therefore you might want to use rss Bridge or RSS Box to get these feeds. (Please note that rss Bridge and RSS Box are not affiliated/related to in any way. They are however both free & open source.)

If you enconter a major issue, please report it.

This website is fully free, ad-free and open source.

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