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Full-text RSS

Turns any truncated RSS feed (which only provides a small intro),
into a full-text feed (with full articles)


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Search engine to RSS

Get RSS feeds for DuckDuckGo and Bing


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edward snowden
harry potter

Twitter to RSS

Get RSS feeds for public Twitter feeds and search results


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Facebook to RSS

Get RSS feeds for many Facebook elements


NB. You will have to renew you feed url every 2 months or so. This is due to Facebook API limitations.

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iTunes to RSS podcast

Turns any iTunes podcast link into a plain RSS podcast feed


Please mind that this feature is still experimental. And podcasts feeds have a really specific structure, which may prevent some features of from working.

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Pro Upgrade

Become pro and have more features!

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RSS/Atom feeds provide a powerful and convenient tool to receive newsletters from your favorite websites and blogs without flooding your mailbox.

News from RSS feeds can be read with newsreaders, which are available for most platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iOS). They can provide handy features, such as an offline mode for easy use in subways.

This website intends to enhance these RSS feeds. Actually a lot of newspapers only provide a small intro of the articles in their RSS feeds (to force users to visit their websites). However this is not really convenient and can be a loss of time. Therefore turns those shortened RSS feeds into feeds with full articles.

And some really famous websites don't provide RSS feeds (eg. Twitter or Facebook). also fills the gap by providing RSS feeds for some of those websites with an easy to use interface.

Source code: GitHub.
Made by pictuga - 2013-2014.

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